Although Crosswinds Martial Arts is primarily a Karate school, it also has many other options for training as Mixed Martial Arts, Jiu Jitsu, Wing Chun Gung Fu, and Kobuto or weapons study.  The school has been in Bloomsburg, PA  since 1986, and at its current location since 1999.  Crosswinds Martial Arts training is current in its education with the chief instructor training for 41 years.  The children's classes are fun and full of current information on how best to be safe in today's world. Fitness comes first, proper eating and a healthy body through exercise.  Techniques are conditioned for use as needed with a modern approach to traditional martial arts as needed by the changing times we live in today.  The threat of Bullies exist in our schools and Strangers luring kids at every opportunity comes the need for smart decisions on the part of our young.  The tools and confidence that martial arts teach our community lead to a world of leaders able to defend themselves from any physical and mental stress that they encounter.  Are martial arts right for you?  It is taught at crosswinds for anyone.   Anyone can do well at our school as it a community of learning.  Understanding what type of art is best for you can be easily done with a few questions.  Below is an article on choosing a good school.  Enjoy!